Introducing Our New Partner: Laughing Dog

Introducing Our New Partner: Laughing Dog

Mutts & Hounds is delighted to have partnered with Laughing Dog, a family run company who slowly oven-bake dog food on their family farm in Lincolnshire. Wholesome, natural and delicious, each and every bag of kibble can be traced back to the baker who made it and the oven in which it was carefully created. Gentle on digestion, their oven-baked completes, treats and mixer meals are loved by even the fussiest of dogs and their crisp and crunchy kibble helps to slow down fast eaters, keep teeth clean and breath fresh. Offering a full range of hypo-allergenic grain free or wheat free foods, their food is loved by all dogs including those with the most sensitive of tummies. Recently, their Farm Bakery range has extended to include a new Farm Kitchen range of gently steamed, grain free casseroles and hotpots. Their values today still stay true to their bakery founder, Ted Grant O.B.E - to be great caretakers of the environment and land on which their ingredients are grown, so that those ingredients can in turn look after your dog – and we couldn’t be happier to promote such fantastic values.

Each bowl of their delicious and nutritious food that you give to your dog has been lovingly made in Laughing Dog’s Farm Bakery which employs local people, who are all passionate about ensuring each and every bag of kibble is perfectly baked and bursting with goodness.

Choose from an abundant range of delicious kibbles, grain-free wet food, wheat-free treats and oven-baked mixer meal to keep your dog happy and healthy, and full of vitality.

This week, we caught up with Taisie Grant, part of the third generation of the Grant family who make Laughing Dog on their family farm in Lincolnshire to hear a little insider’s information all about the slow-baked world of Laughing Dog food.


How long has the company been around?

Laughing Dog was started in 1936 and is now made on our (the Grant family) farm in Lincolnshire where we have been baking for three generations. We still today have some customers who very first fed their dogs with our food in the 1950s and 60s and haven’t changed since. It gives you a really warm and fuzzy feeling when you talk to the customers who have been feeding their dogs with us for over 50 years. It’s a great tribute to the quality of the product and the brand – it’s lovely that we have such a strong and loyal customer base.

What is the benefit of slow-baked dog food over the usual dog food available?

Most other dog food is made using a process called extrusion. This is a high pressure, high temperature method of steam cooking. We however, slowly oven-bake our dry completes, treats and mixer meals. The baking process is a much slower, gentler method of cooking which brings many benefits to the dog. Its biggest benefit is the fact that it is gentle on digestion. There’s a great experiment that you can do yourself to show this. If you pop a sample of our oven-baked food in water and pop a sample of extruded food in another pot of water, you will notice over time that the extruded food swells up two to three times it original size and sometimes even more. You can imagine this happening in your dog’s tummy! Our baked food however, just breaks down, so is gentle on digestion and perfect for those more sensitive tummies.

Baking better protects the wholesome goodness of our farm grown ingredients which we source ourselves from our family farm. In addition, baking creates a crisp and crunchy, wibbly-wobbly kibble which is perfect for slowing down fast eaters and helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh too.

Finally, because of its unique texture and aroma, it is guaranteed to make even the fussiest of tails wag.

What is your most popular flavour?

We have a delicious selection of flavours for our completes, treats and even our mixer meals. From a more luxurious choice of venison and duck as part of our grain free range to really spoil your four-legged friends with, through to a selection of our single species offerings of lamb, chicken and salmon which make up our wheat free range – all of which I must mention are hypo-allergenic.

We don’t have a particular flavour which is most popular as the benefit of our food is that it can be interchanged. Just like humans like to have variety in their everyday diet, many owners like to offer the same variety in their dog’s diets, therefore will often swap between the flavours from month to month to give their canine companions something to really wag their tails about. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Do you make food suitable for puppies and older dogs?

Absoutely – we have food fit for all the family from little nippers right up to the wise old owls. Our range includes puppy, adult and senior completes. Our gently steam cooked casseroles and hotpots along with all of our mixer meals and treats are suitable for all dogs aged 12 weeks and up.

Your flavours sound delicious, but how can I be sure my dog will think so too?

We guarantee that we will make even the fussiest of tails wag. But should you wish to be certain just pop us an email to and ask us for a delicious slowly oven-baked sample. We’ll be sure we’ll bake your four-legged friend 100% dog happy in no time!



We'd like to thank Taisie and all the team at Laughing Dog for sharing their expertise, and also for making such tasty food for our four-legged friends! To learn more about the company and the lovely food they offer, please visit