Top Tips for Photographing Your Dog with Spaniel Life

Top Tips for Photographing Your Dog with Spaniel Life

We all love to take photographs of our dogs, but at Mutts & Hounds we know first-hand just how difficult it can be! In a bid to improve our own skills in the office, we asked our friends at Spaniel Life to give us their best tips on how to get the most beautiful shot. Read on to find out how Stephanie takes those gorgeous photographs of the lovely Severus & Lily of Spaniel Life.

Severus wears Oatmeal Tweed Dog Collar, Oatmeal Tweed Dog Bow Tie

To us crazy dog people, taking photos of our beloved pooch is just as important as taking photos of the children... because they are our children!

As  Sev and Lily's instagram account grows, so too does the want to improve our photography more and more. Like so many other people we just love to share our furry friends lives on social media. Below are a few hints and tips to help get you started taking the best photos of your pet.

Work on Basic Training

The main question we get asked is "how do they sit for a photo?". It's simply because they have been trained and went to obedience from a young age. Of course there's lots of things you can do in photos, but to start with, getting the sit and stay commands down to a T will help you get that perfect shot.

Lily wears Grape Check Tweed Dog Harness

Remember it's also important to be patient both when training and taking a photo; small steps at a time and not spending too large an amount of time doing it will work best.

Reward Positive Behaviour

For Severus and Lily the best rewards are treats and chews. If they do what they're told for five minutes they are then rewarded. You could use toys for this too, but my two spaniels much prefer something yummy.

Severus, enjoying Mutts & Hounds Hand-baked Dog Biscuits Treat Bag

Get Low

When taking photographs, positioning yourself as low to the floor and as close to your dogs height as possible makes for the best photographs. You'll always find me with dirty or wet knees when we are out on a photo shoot! It will make the photo look so much better, and really open up to what your dog sees, drawing people into the photograph.

Use Natural Light

Either outside on a cloudy day, or inside with the dog facing the window is perfect. The light will improve the photo so much and can make you look like a professional in that one step.

Lily, playing with Balmoral Tweed Squeaky Bone Dog Toy

Focus on the Eyes

Having the dogs' eyes in focus is always what you should aim for in pet photography; the best photos always feature crisp and clear eyes. Other settings can be played around with and even edited but having those beautiful eyes in focus (and not their nose!) will make for the best photo of your four-legged pal.

Give Plenty of Time Out

Any photoshoots should be done in small chunks of time, and rewarded for afterward. Sev and Lily love to run free if we're on location for a photoshoot, and will chase their ball around for hours. If we're inside then letting them relax with a chew is also perfect for them. I love more natural photos too, so sometimes this is the best way. Either running in a field of flowers or snoozing in a cosy bed.

Severus, relaxing in Stoneham Tweed Luxury Donut Dog Bed

 A huge thank you to Stephanie, Severus & Lily at Spaniel Life for the wise words and those beautiful photographs! We will certainly be putting these into action for our next in-office shoot, and will be sure to share the results via our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages - and we'd love you to do the same! Head over to our Facebook post and show us your best shots! Visit Spaniel Life's Instagram, Facebook & Blog for more beautiful photographs of Sev & Lily as well as all the latest in dog trends and travel!