Is your Dog feeling the love this Valentine's day?

Is your Dog feeling the love this Valentine's day?

With all the talk of love in the lead up to Valentine's day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the most loving creatures we know - our dogs! It can be easy to forget just how important they are in our lives, and how much love they bring to our day-to-day. We're lucky enough to have Frank in the office most days, and it's just lovely to have his happy little face smiling up at us - never more so than when we've got birthday cake on the go!


Name: Frank
Breed: Border Terrier
Age: 4
Owner: Laura, Director, Mutts & Hounds
Most lovable feature: Frank's long eyelashes and unique scent (!) are among his best features, but what we love most about him is how he chooses to sit on our feet in the office, especially when one of us is just about to get up to answer the door!


Name: Bob
Breed: Golden Retreiver
Age: 13
Owner: Meg, Trade Account Manager
Most lovable feature: Bob loves to travel, but strictly only in the family Renault 4, and only when he is allowed to stick his head out the window! See photograph for reference. Bob also firmly believes he is a lapdog despite his size, and takes great delight in pinning Meg to the sofa at any available opportunity.

Blue & Rolo

Name: Blue (right) & Rolo (left)
Breed: Smooth Coat Chihuahuas
Age: 4 & 3
Owner: Sophie, Marketing & Communications Officer
Most lovable feature: While they may be small in stature, Blue and Rolo have huge hearts and love nothing more than to snuggle up in a human bed before their morning walk! You would be forgiven for unknowingly making the bed with them inside, but might notice a couple of little lumps in there that spring to life at the mention of breakfast!

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