Meet the Dog Models - Part 1

Meet the Dog Models - Part 1

At our recent Spring/Summer 2021 photoshoot, we had a variety of eager dog models, ready to make their Mutts & Hounds modelling debut. We had so much fun meeting them and their owners that we just had to share some behind the scenes photos with you, as well as some facts about our lovely models!

Meet the models


First up to model was Moses, a 5 year old Dachshund who lives with human Nichola in her beautiful Georgian home in Somerset where we had our photoshoot. 

Does Moses have any nicknames? Mosey Posey

What is Moses' favourite food? Cocktail sausages

Where is Moses' favourite place to go for a walk? He actually hides when he realises it's walkies. When I've convinced him it's a good idea, his favourite walk is parading along the promenade in Lyme Regis.

Where is Moses' favourite place for a snooze? In his leather armchair where he has the perfect view of visitors walking up the driveway.

What is Moses' favourite toy? Moses' favourite thing to play with is Giles our British short haired cat, closely followed by his Mutts & Hounds squeaky bone.

Does Moses have any party tricks or unusual quirks? Moses loves to steal food from the teenagers bedrooms and hide it under my my pillow. I often jump into bed at night greeted by a chocolate bar. 

Check out Nichola's instagram to spot even more cute photos of Moses @somerset_georgian_nest 


We then had Jorah, a 2 year old Wire Haired Fox Terrier who live with his humans in Wiltshire. 

Does Jorah have any nicknames? Jorah doesn't really have a nickname, but his full name is Ser Jorah Pawmont. He's named after Ser Jorah Mormont who was a faithful friend to the Queen in Game of Thrones.

What is Jorah's favourite food? He's definitely very 'gourmand' although he doesn't over-eat. Sausage, off the barbecue, is his ultimate goal. When he gets one, he'll run off to hide and eat it in peace.

Where is Jorah's favourite place to go for a walk? His favourite walk is anywhere that his friends are. He's quite a sociable boy, and he loves to meet up with his terrier friends, often in Erlestoke Woods, for a run and play.

Where is Jorah's favourite place for a snooze? He has a favourite chair, in the lounge, for snoozing on, always with one eye open so that he can sound the alarm if any other dogs walk past the front of 'his' house.

What is Jorah's favourite toy? He loves to play with tug toys and ropes. Tug of War is his all time favourite game, and he growls ferociously while he's playing it. 

Does Jorah have any party tricks or unusual quirks? No party tricks, but he is very good at flying through the air- you'll find some pictures on his Insta, with all four paws off the ground. 

You can find even more cute pics of Jorah on his instagram: @ser.jorah.pawmont 


Next up was Bailey, the 7 month Cocker Spaniel. Bailey lives in Manchester with her humans Paige and Chris.

Does Bailey have any nicknames? Bailey's nicknames are: Boosh, Bai or Bailey Boo

What is Bailey's favourite food? Lily's Kitchen food - we still buy her the puppy one and we'll be changing to the adult soon. She also loves cheese dog chews and ox liver treats. 

Where is Bailey's favourite place to go for a walk? My Mum and Dad own a coffee shop in Mottram, Cheshire called Bee's Coffee Pot and Bailey absolutely loves to walk up there because she always get to enjoy a doggy pot (sausages and biscuits)

Where is Bailey's favourite place for a snooze? Bailey absolutely loves our bed. She has her breakfast in the morning and then runs straight back upstairs for another 3hrs to chill. She has been known to climb on your pillow at night and sleep next to my head too. 

What is Bailey's favourite toy? Bailey absolutely loves her Coffee Wood that was gifted to her by her Auntie Rach. It's basically a piece of wood that doesn't cause splinters and she chews on it all day - it was great when she was teething as a pup.

Does Bailey have any party tricks or unusual quirks? Bailey is amazing at picking up new tricks... we've taught her to 'hug', 'spin', 'lie down and 'roll over'. We're working on 'speak' and 'crawl' at the moment. She is extremely intelligent and picks up things very quickly. She's brought so much joy into our lives already and we can't wait to give her the best life in return!

To see more of Baileys adventures, check out her Instagram @baileythecockerdog 


Minnie the 9 year old Miniature Cockapoo was next up to model. Minnie lives with her humans Nikki & Andy in Oxfordshire.

Does Minnie have any nicknames? Yes, many; Moo Pops / Minnie Moo / Princess Minnie / Minnie Bear

What is Minnie's favourite food? Smoked Salmon & Roast potatoes on a Sunday!

Where is Minnie's favourite place to go for a walk? The meadow just outside our house.

Where is Minnie's favourite place for a snooze? If it's sunny, she will find the sunny spot in the house and lay and snooze for hours, if not, usually under a blanket snuggled on her pawrent.

What is Minnie's favourite toy? She has a couple of favourites; Dinosaur, Elephant and her New Cranberry Star bone from Mutts & Hounds!

Does Minnie have any party tricks or unusual quirks? She makes a goose hissing sound when she needs to go to the toilet or when she's hungry! Minnie also secretes a pop corn smell which makes people she lays on fall asleep. 

Minnie the Miniature Cockapoo in an Oatmeal HarnessMinnie the Miniature Cockapoo in Tongue out TuesdayMinnie the Cockapoo

To see more of what Minnie gets up to, check out her Instagram @tale_of_minnie_the_poo  

We had so many dog models that we've had to do a part 2, click here to see our other models

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