Meet the Dog Models - Part 2

Meet the Dog Models - Part 2

Mitzi & Heidi

To start our afternoon off, we had mother/daughter duo Mitzi and Heidi. Mitzi a 5 year old brown dachshund and Heidi the 3 year old black dachshund live with their humans Melissa in Somerset. 

Mitzi & Heidi Behind the Scenes

Does Mitzi have any nicknames? We often call her Moo Moo

Where is Mitzi's favourite place to go for a walk? She loves the beach so she can chase the seagulls!

Where is Mitzi's favourite place for a snooze? Anywhere where the sun comes in through the windows as she loves basking in the sunshine. 

What is Mitzi's favourite toy? Anything that squeaks and is stuffed with fluff so she can rip it out!

Does Mitzi have any party tricks or unusual quirks? She loves standing on the front of the paddle board with me.

Does Heidi have any nicknames? We call her Heidasauraus Rex as she makes a noise like a little dinosaur!

Where is Heidi's favourite place to go for a walk? She loves exploring all the sniffs in the woods.

Where is Heidi's favourite place for a snooze? On my lap!

What is Heidi's favourite toy? She has a pheasant that she has had since a puppy and still adores it.

Does Heidi have any party tricks or unusual quirks? Heidi can sit upright on her back legs like a little meerkat!

You can find Mitzi and Heidi on their instagram page: @thesomersetsausage 

Maya & Archie

Last, but by no means least, to model for us were brother and sister; Archie the 9 year old Weimaraner and Maya the 6 month Patterdale Terrier who live with their humans Daniel and Krystelle in Bedfordshire. 

Maya & Archie Behind the Scenes

Does Maya have any nicknames? Mai mai and Squiggle

What is Maya's favourite food? Maya is obsessed with cheese.

Where is Maya's favourite place to go for a walk? Maya's favourite place is anywhere she can meet new people! She also loves going to the training place because she gets to use the agility kit!

Where is Maya's favourite place for a snooze? Maya has a chair in the conservatory that is just right on sunny days, otherwise as close to Archie as possible. 

What is Maya's favourite toy? Maya loves all toys, though anything she can play wrestle with takes priority (the owl and squeaky bone from the photoshoot are fast moving up the list!)

Does Maya have any party tricks or unusual quirks? Maya has a few tricks and is learning more. Some of my favourite are; celebrate where she stands on her hind legs with her front paws up, she can jump and twirl around and weave through your legs as you walk.

Maya the Patterdale TerrierMaya and ArchiePuppy Maya

Does Archie's have any nicknames? Archibaldi and just Arch.

What is Archie's favourite food? Archie loves all food, but he'll go wild for pâté.

Where is Archie's favourite place to go for a walk? Archie loves the local ex quarry with a large lake and long grass to run and sniff in.

Where is Archie's favourite place for a snooze? Archie loves the sofa, preferably if we're on it.

What is Archie's favourite toy? Archie doesn't really play with toys (occasionally he'll fetch a ball) but he does like puzzles and his Kong, anything that delivers treats!

Does Archie have any party tricks or unusual quirks? None really for Archie except being handsome.

Archie the Weimeraner Archie and MayaArchie with puppy Maya

You can find Archie and Maya on their instagram: @the_maya_and_archie_show 

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